Different Things You Can Do With An Empty Plastic Tube

We live in a world that is getting more conscious about the waste we produce, and we are encouraged to reuse, recycle, and repurpose when we can. We often purchase items that come in plastic tubes, and rather than send these off to landfill or recycling them; you may want to consider repurposing them instead. There are many ways you can repurpose plastic tubes, and there are some excellent ideas below that may interest you.

Make A Bird Feeder

One way that you can repurpose your plastic tubes is by creating a bird feeder. Although the plastic tube packaging manufacturer may not intend their product for this purpose, they are suitable. You will need some string, pencils, and something to make holes to create your feeder. Ideally, the plastic tube will have two ends; near one end, create some holes just big enough for the pencils to slide through, which the birds can use to stand on the feeder. A little higher up, make some holes so the birds can access the feed and hang it from a tree or bush.

Create A Terrarium

Making a terrarium out of plastic tubes is excellent for more oversized plastic tubes, and you will need them to be closed at one end, although you may want to add some holes for drainage. You will need to add some soil for the plants, and it is easiest if you take the top off the plastic tube. Once you have added enough soil, you will then add your plants or seeds. Water it well and then let nature take its course, and you can get further details about making a terrarium by clicking here.

Create Unique Hanging Baskets

Like the idea of making a terrarium, you can also turn your plastic tubes into hanging baskets. You will need to do the same as creating your terrarium but ensure there are holes in the bottom for drainage and add cord or string to the top so you can hang them up. It is an excellent way to brighten up the outside of your home and put waste plastic to good use.

Make An Instrument

If you have lots of plastic pipes and you have children, you can make a fun instrument for them to use. You will need to cut the plastic tube into varying lengths and fix these together. You will need it to be rigid so you can glue these to a piece of wood or something similar. You will also need an old piece of rubber or a table tennis bat, and you use this to hit the top of the plastic tube flatly. Each plastic tube will make a different sound as it is a different length and will give your kids hours of entertainment.

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