Merits and Demerits of Root Canal Therapy

It is possible that you are suffering from pulp infection or your gums are infected. In this case, if you consult a doctor, the doctor will most probably advise you to go for a root canal. But before you move forward with your decision to have a root canal, you can get a second opinion from a dental practice in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, New York for better clarity of things.

Even though, by the sound of it, a root canal may sound very effective and efficient the process has some pros and cons.


Below listed are some pros and cons in case you are wondering about going for a root canal.


  1. The process lets you keep your natural teeth.


The procedure involves the removal of the infected pulp from the affected part and filling up the gap with chemicals that will keep your natural and old teeth intact, rather than total removal of the teeth, which will make your smile look good. You do not have to worry about any kind of bone loss as well.


  1. The procedure might weaken the teeth.


Since the procedure involves drilling the tooth to get to the decayed and infected pulp, the affected tooth might become weak. Since the decay has already started and more drilling takes place, it will make the tooth go weak. In severe cases, the dentist might have to apply a crown to make the tooth function naturally.


  1. The process can help reduce toothaches.


Toothache due to infected pulp is unbearable for most people. You may not even be able to go to work because of the pain. Root canal, with the removal of infected pulp, eases up the pain and can help you get back to your daily routine immediately.


  1. The procedure might require multiple sessions.


In most cases, the patient may only require one appointment. However, in severe cases, the patient might have to attend multiple sessions with the dentist, which is both time-consuming and expensive as dentist fees, along with the filing fees, might add up and become very expensive.


  1. The procedure will help fill up the gap between teeth.


Since the procedure does not involve the removal of teeth, the fear of having a gap in between your teeth due to removal of teeth is not there, and there will be no issue of misalignment of teeth as well


In conclusion, the root canal has both pros and cons. You should consult with your doctor and take any step forward.

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