3 Ultimate Scratch Card Casino Games to Play

You won’t find a more comprehensive guide on scratch card games than this one. In the following pages, we’ll go over 3 of the most popular casino-style scratch cards you can play. We’ve narrowed it down for you and made sure there is something for every type of player.

The most popular casino-style scratch cards are:

  1. The first game we’ll go over is the Starburst scratch card. This was one of the most popular games to come out in 2017, and it’s easy to see why! It has a unique design that will immediately grab your attention.

You can play with up to three lines for an added challenge, or you can just bet on one line if you’re feeling lucky. The reels are set against dark backgrounds so you can see all your symbols more easily, too – perfect for when they start churning quickly!

  1. The next game we’ll talk about is the Gold Rush scratch card. This one has a lot of similarities to Starburst, but it’s more suitable for people who don’t like too much visual stimulation.

The background features an attractive golden color, and the reels have been designed with simplicity in mind so you can easily see what symbols will appear on your line, if there are any!

  1. Finally, we’ll get into our third game: Amazing Sevens. In this variation, instead of just waiting for seven symbols that match up in order from left to right across three different rows, you’re going to wait until they match up-down two columns as well! You may need some good luck when playing this one – or maybe even some help from Lady Luck!

To learn more about any of these scratch cards or find out how you can play them for yourself, go to mamasboyct.com.

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