The Five Golden Rules of Tech

In my opinion there are several important rules that computer professionals are required to follow whatever the specific specialization. I am likely to call these “The Five Golden Rules of Tech” and find out that which you consider this, but it is my daily creed. Let me acquire some feedback on these regardless if you are a tech or perhaps a user that has had knowledge about technical support of any sort. Have you ever worked having a tech who did not follow these rules, you most likely have been in most. Have I missed any major points on these golden rules?

Always show respect for that person you’re supporting (user) rather than make sure they are feel stupid because of not getting your height of expertise. I have seen many techs poker fun at users and it is not pretty. It is the same factor as that bully that i did so it for you in class since you were a nerd. Not awesome.

Not be too proud to tech support team for help having a product you are not totally acquainted with or perhaps one you believe you realize. This humbleness pays off whenever you complete the job more rapidly compared to next guy while he was afraid to confess he needed some assistance.

Discover what the actual issue is. You are able to repair the problem you have been requested to repair, but when that isn’t the actual issue, it has happened to again. Keep in mind that due to not getting your height of experience, many people will not understand what is actually wrong and also you never need to make them shame this, but you might want to ask many questions the consumer thinks they previously clarified to get at the main from the problem.

Make telephone calls. For whatever reason, some people tend not to make telephone calls. We’d rather send an e-mailOrtextual contentOrtalk, etc. but I have faith that there’s anything productive than an appointment to get the exchange of knowledge done rapidly. Additionally, it adds the private touch and may alllow for better relationships with users.

Be productive by continuing to keep email instead. Look at your email a maximum of once each hour and switch off notifications for email if possible. This prevents you more lucrative to be able to take better proper care of the backlog of stuff you have to complete. There are lots of other productivity tips I’m able to recommend inside a future publish.

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