List of the top Local SEO Tools used in Singapore

Companies offering local SEO services use different tools for ensuring better performance to their clients seeking the best of their ROI. If you hire a top Singaporean local SEO company, it will also reveal a couple of outstanding tools they trust for boosting the local search results and help you get connected with the most number of potential customers looking for similar service providers like you.

Here, check out some of the top local SEO tools used across Singapore

Microdata Generator

By adding structured data coding, this local SEO tool helps Google know the real purpose for which your website is created. It generates the Schema Code for the ease of JSON—LD preferred by Google. By filling up a simple form, this tool will build the code that can be copied and pasted on the website.


Professionals prefer using Siteliner to figure out the issues that your business website is facing for not achieving the ranking. This is an absolutely free tool offering to search over 250 pages every month for checking duplicate content, broken links, and other issues on the pages. By pasting the URL of your website, this tool will show you the results and will do all the hard work on your behalf.

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