Is it possible to beat bookmakers

Every day Sports betting is becoming more and more relevant. The number of bookmaker’s offices is also increasing, so when choosing one you should pay attention to their reliability, legality, how many years they have been on the market and what offers are available. The rating of trustworthy and officially operating betting offices can be found on the website Scores24.

As real practice shows, in fact, there are very few players who play long distances at a profit. A larger number goes into minus. Many people have the same question: “are there any chances to win at the bookmaker”. To answer this question, it is worthwhile to understand the specifics of the companies and find out all the pitfalls.

Unequal opportunities

Everyone knows that every bookmaker calculates the odds and simultaneously adds a certain amount of margin to it, which guarantees the company a constant profit. Margin is a certain percentage in the form of commissions. The total income of the betting companies directly depends on the size of the margin and the total amount of money bet by the users.

There is a simple pattern – the more players bet on a certain result, the lower the odds become. In such a situation, the office, respecting the balance, increases the odds on the opposite outcome. This is monitored by a set of special programs, adjusting the values for any changes.

Bonus programs

This is the next stable type of income from bookmakers. Attracting new customers, betting companies offer all sorts of bonuses: welcome bonus for registration without deposit, with a deposit and many more different options. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a free lunch. And so it is here. At first glance, nice bonuses conceal some pitfalls. In order to get and use it, you must meet a number of conditions. And each office has its own conditions. As a result, the bookmaker always returns what he gave. If clients win, they get their winnings deducting the amount of the welcome bonus, if they lose, they lose the money on their game account, but the company will still make a profit.

Analysts work

Nearly every bookmaker employs experienced specialists who are directly involved in calculating odds, analyzing and making predictions. In addition, special software systems are used with a computerized way to calculate odds. The player has only information and statistical data in his arsenal. It is too modest in comparison with the offices, so it is quite difficult to fight with a more armed opponent. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but it is quite rare.

Gambling and surprise

These factors should also be taken into account. Even the most stable and cold-blooded player sometimes loses control of emotions. A succession of victories or defeats generates excitement, where it seems that here it is “the high time” or “the losing streak is about to end”. The bettor continues to play with hope, but makes unreasonable and risky steps that eventually lead to defeat.

And many people don’t even think about the need to analyze something – they bet on good odds in the hope that they will be lucky.

But the options to beat the office still exist:

  • The bookmaker analyzes many events and has no possibility to get into details, while the player is able to thoroughly study a particular event.
  • Errors of the staff of analysts. The human factor is not alien in the field of betting, so bettors can use such mistakes to their advantage.
  • Unlike the bookmakers, players always have a choice – they choose what suits them best from the odds, and the bookmaker is obliged to put all the odds on all events, regardless of the availability of information.

In order to beat the bookmaker, you need to make an effort. Be sure to analyze, make predictions, look for the necessary information, enrich your knowledge. If you work hard, success is sure to come.

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