How Washing Dishes in Dishwasher is Different from Hand Washing?

If you wash all your dishes manually by hand, then soap and water will still stay in the sink or bowl and you need to scrub your dishes with cloth or brush. However, if you use dishwasher, then opposite thing will happen.

If you have Whirlpool lave vaisselle (Whirlpool dish washer) then dishes and cutlery will still stay in plastic baskets, when pressurized hot water jets will shoot all around.

So, dishwasher will be sealed shut throughout its operation or water will fire from all directions in your kitchen floor.

Dishwasher will start its cycle with cold water from hose connected to dishwasher. Once little amount of water sits inside at bottom of dishwasher, heating element will start warming up.

Heating element is thick metal bar, which gets hot while electric current will pass through and it will slowly heat water during first wash cycle. Electric pump will take warm water and force it inside the machines, which are connected to 2 spinning paddles.

One metallic paddle underneath bottom dish rack and another one, which is of plastic, is under top rack.

As the water enters into paddles, it will make them spin around like garden sprinklers. While paddles will rotate, water will emerge from small holes of the upper surface. Paddles will make plenty of hot water jets firing upward on the dirty plates.

Bottom rack and bottom paddle will be nearer to heating element so water is hotter in lower part of dishwasher.

After the water will hit your dishes as well as plates, it will fall back at bottom of your dishwasher machine, where it will be heated up once again by the element as well as pumped around once again for one more cycle.

The water pumps around your machine for about almost half an hour until all your dishes as well as plates are fully clean.

Any sieve at bottom of your machine will catch any large size of debris that can stop your machine from jamming up, and the smaller bits where food remains will simply flush down into the drain.

Finally, what will get your dishes dry after the end of complete cycle?

All the water which will wash them will be so hot that finally it will simply evaporate away in heat. In case, you do not overload your dishwasher, the dishes must dry naturally without any need for wiping them afterward.

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