How to Utilize Folding Carton Boxes For Packaging Solutions

Folding carton boxes has been around for a long time. Originally these boxes were used to carry medicinal medications. Today, these boxes are commonly used to pack personal belongings as well. These boxes range in size from small to large enough to hold many different items.

The modern day boxes are smaller in size than their predecessors, which make them easy to store and transport. Today’s folding carton boxes are made of sturdy plastic polyethylene, which is durable against moisture and chemicals. The material is resistant to cracking, crushing, warping, and crushing and will not change color with exposure to sunlight or other elements. Today’s boxes are laminated with foil sealant to provide a thick plastic exterior that will withstand heat and moisture. In addition, the outside surface can be easily laminated with a clear coating to allow visibility through the clear coating but still maintain its durability.

Customizing the appearance of the box is simple for the purchaser. These boxes are available in wide array of colors such as black, white, blue, and red. These custom printed boxes are produced using high quality, virgin vinyl materials. These boxes are made using low density foams which give them a firm, durable feel. These custom printed folding carton boxes are available in two-ply and tri-ply varieties and are available in standard thicknesses of 18 inches and 24 inches.

The standard size boxes are manufactured in two-ply and tri-ply varieties and are available in standard thicknesses of 18 inches and 24 inches. The standard sized folding cartons can be ordered in various other materials such as rigid boards, cardboard, and heavy card stock with the same quality, durability, and appearance. The rigid boxes are made with UV inhibitors so they are ideal for outside applications, but should not be used in an enclosed area because the thin plastic coat could be peeled off, leaving your product exposed to the elements.

There are several additional options available to you when it comes to folding carton boxes. The choice includes crb lamination, double dip packaging, standard paperboard packaging, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and aluminum foil. The standard crb lamination option is ideal for standard paperboard packaging and can be pre-finished or un-finished. These lamination products are available in a variety of colors including cream, blue, gold, green, ivory, white, red, silver, pink, black, and gray. Double dip packaging offers a unique and stylish alternative to standard paperboard packaging. This packaging solution offers high-quality protection against moisture, shock, and impact with an unsurpassed finish.

The folding carton boxes and corrugated boxes can be used to offer complete packaging solutions to your clients, prospects, and customers. Both traditional and modern packaging materials are available, ensuring your product reaches your customers with unsurpassed protection and aesthetic appeal. For maximum value, maximize your profits with rigid boxes and corrugated boxes.

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