Funeral Day Arrangements In Taoist Funeral Package

Items in package

The taoist funeral package includes the Taoist backdrop, Taoist priest chanting, gold mountains, and paper houses. These traditions vary between the dialect groups. There are offerings that they offer the people of the Taoist family in Singapore. The Taoist funeral is different in terms of elaborateness and requirements. They help the Taoist families with the funeral solution needs and customize the package according to their requirements. It includes the decoration of the casket area, lantern bearers of the lantern on a funeral day.

Funeral day arrangements

  • It consists of booking the cremation slots for the funeral.
  • There are glasses with Taoist style hearse for transferring the cremation.
  • They provide pallbearer services.
  • There is one air-con coach for bringing the guests and relatives to the crematorium.

Choosing a customized package

The group of funeral organizers undertakes the whole event of the funeral. They are in the funeral business for a long time and are familiar with handling and running Taoist funerals. Because of their beliefs and guiding everyone, poor or rich, deserve a dignified funeral solution. Their rates are deliberately affordable so the families can afford the funeral solutions and services.

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