Financing Your Independent Film, Movie and Animation Via Tax Credits

Independent film, television and animation players in Canada will always be, it’s very reliable advice, searching for financing for his or her productions. Among the best methods to compliment your general financing strategy within the three sectors of the industry (film/movies television digital animation) would be to utilize your tax credits inside a unique and innovative manner. Let us explore what that’s being carried out increasingly more, and a few of the how to’s within this very unique section of financing within the Canadian entertainment industry.

The financial lending we’re discussing is from the backdrop of very aggressive government assistant within this segment from the Canadian economy. Instead of back from the sector following the 21008-2009 global economic turbulence provincial and government physiques walked to the bar, as they say, and actually elevated their support in this region of the profession. Typically film and tv were the main focus from the tax credit assistance, and lately the federal government has incorporated digital animation as the second key vertical within this sector of the profession.

What is the simple explanation towards the financing we’re discussing? Yes there’s – it’s just what you can do to transform your tax credits, that have actually considerably elevated, into cash! The opportunity to generate income and dealing capital out of your tax credit assists you by course finishing any project effectively, and simultaneously making certain stakeholders for example proprietors, investors, and debt holders see the project as financial viable a mutually lucrative for those stakeholders. This is a good factor.

Tax credits happen to be obtainable in many countries, such as the U.S. for a long time. We are able to surmise the governments have supported these ways of help make sure the overall competitiveness of the profession. Clearly the revenues generated through the industry from box and gate receipts, not to mention work and production spending are extremely significant.

What exactly will the strategy entail? In other words you need to make sure you are using a reliable consultant in this region – someone with credibility, experience. Simultaneously you need to make sure you are declaring eligibility under any kind of 6 tax credit available, while using province of Ontario for example. Tax credits can be found obviously in other provinces also, with B.C. and Quebec industry segments flourishing just as well.

Proper planning is paramount to financing your tax credits, and if you’re able to prove you’ve got a solid budget and finance plan, together with management and operational capacity you may also ‘ pre-finance ‘ your credits in many conditions. Again, credibility is paramount here, along with a history in the market isn’t 100% mandatory, and surely helps.

Financing is created like the idea of ‘mortgage lending ‘i.e. on the ltv basis. Typically you will probably receive between 40-80% of the tax credit claim in cash. Factors affecting this amount would be the timing of the filing, the caliber of the filing, not to mention the quantity of the claim.

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